Pengyu Automobile (Sun Health-Tech Special Vehicle) was founded by Mr. Peter Wong in September 2002 which is a special vehicle enterprise integrating medical vehicle, command and communication vehicle R & D and vehicle sales.

Mr. Peter Wong, the founders, visited the German World War II refugee camp in an international medical academic exchange in Germany. They were deeply touched by a book about Mr. Schindler and strengthened their mission. Later, they always implemented and paid tribute to Mr. Schindler's Thought on the way of running the company, Set up the company slogan of "Save One Person, Save One World".

Pengyu Automobile focuses on the R & D and manufacturing of special vehicles, and Sun Health-Tech is responsible for expanding the marketing market of special vehicles. Pengyu automobile has maintained close strategic cooperation with a number of Vehicle OEMs, and has obtained the modification Qualification Authorization of Mercedes-Benz, Ford, Volkswagen, Iveco, Dongfeng and other OEMs respectively. Its products have passed the certification of ISO9000, 3C and other certification institutions.


Zhongshan 120 emergency center equipped the first batch Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 314 ambulance team in China.


Anzhen Hospital of Beijing equipped the first Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 316CDI as an ambulance in China.


The 999 Emergency Center of Beijing equipped the first Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 414 Square cabin ambulance in China


Military equipment the first Mercedes Benz Unimog 4000all terrain medical vehicle in China.


The First people's hospital of Foshan is equipped with the first Mercedes-Benz 416CDI box ambulance in China.


Beijing Hospital of the Ministry of health is equipped with the first Mercedes Benz Vito 119 medical vehicle in China.


Shenzhen Airport is equipped with the first Mercedes-Benz Vito119 medical vehicle of the national civil aviation emergency system.


The Third Hospital of Beijing is equipped the first Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 324 Medical vehicle in China.


Sichuan Provincial Department of Health Emergency Office equips the first batch of Mercedes Benz Sprinter 315CDI medical vehicles in China.


The First people's hospital of Chenzhou, Hunan is equipped with the first Mercedes Benz Vario 615D intensive care patient transfer vehicle in China


The Beijing Emergency Center is equipped with 82 Mercedes Benz Vito 119 medical vehicles to serve the Beijing Olympic Games.


Wuxi Emergency Center is equipped with the first batch of Mercedes Benz Sprinter 524 material supply vehicles in China.


Beijing Emergency Center is equipped with the first Mercedes Benz Unimog 4000 terrain cross-country medical vehicle in the national medical emergency industry.


Work with Shanghai World Expo to provide a set of emergent rescue team for Shanghai Oriental Hospital (emergency rescue team) and successfully complete the medical security work.


11 Mercedes Benz Vito 119 medical vehicles to provide on-site medical security services for Shenzhen Universiade.


Jiangsu Provincial Department of Health equipped the first Mercedes Benz Vario 816D medical material support vehicle in China.


Work with Foton to provide 75 MP-X monitoring ambulances to Jiangxi Health Department.


The Ministry of health of Ecuador is equipped with 200 Mercedes Benz Sprinter 315 monitoring ambulances and establishes an emergency rescue system covering large and medium-sized cities in the country.


Work with Foton to provide 51 MP-X monitoring ambulances to Yunnan Health Department established the Yunnan villages emergency rescue system.


Cooperate with Dongfeng Yufeng to provide a batch of Dongfeng Yufeng ambulances to Yichang emergency center.


Build industry leading technology, China's first emergency mobile workstation "bianque flying rescue" Mercedes Benz mobile emergency Vehicle.


Children's hospital of Hebei is equipped with the first Volkswagen Caravelle mobile ICU ambulance for newborn.


Hold the first emergency skills competition “Sun Health-Tech Cup” in Huizhou with 120 emergent command center of Huizhou City Show superb skills.


First aid before hospital of Qilu Hospital of Shandong University, the first Mercedes-Benz moving ICU chest pain emergency vehicle was delivered in Jinan.


Sun Health-Tech Research and development of "intelligent ambulance" in Wuhan 120 national first to start the "Internet plus emergency" to make life more powerful.


30 sets Volkswagen Caravelle four wheel drive monitoring ambulance for Chongqing Emergency Center.


The Internet emergency vehicle is the first national large-scale event medical security work, which helps Dongguan marathon security project in the whole process.


To provide full medical insurance for the 7th Suzhou cup Jinji Lake International Half Marathon and Dongguan Songshan Lake International Marathon in 2016.


Delivery of 129 police cars to the Hong Kong Police Force.Process, design and standard are in accordance with the usage habits of HKPF, in line with modern development process and ergonomics, and improve efficiency.


Provided the first water rescue team in China for Zhuhai Emergency Department.


Developed the 5G mobile CT vehicle and pushed to the market successfully.


Zhuhai Pengyu Automobile became the first enterprise to use Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge to export complete vehicles to Hong Kong in China in June 5th 2019.


Xiangyang Pengyu Automobile was founded in June 28th 2019.


Pengyu Automobile helped Huoshenshan Hospital to transport patients which won lots of honors from Guangdong Province and Zhuhai City.


Producing 189 Hongkong police cars to help public security of Hongkong.


Pengyu Automobile's participation in the 5G+ acute stroke Skynet project in western China has been officially approved by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the National Health Commission, and it is expected to reduce medical expenses by 5 billion annually.


Project of delivering 57 units of negative pressure ambulance to Yunnan Province.


Brand new product showcases the Dongfeng Warrior 4X4 off-road medical trauma treatment unit.


Pengyu Automobile work with Mercedes-Benz to produce the multi-functional medical rescue unit Arocs 4x2 and appeared at the Shanghai International .


Technical Committee of Guangdong Medical Special Vehicle Engineering Technology Research Center Established.


Delivery of 41 imported Iveco negative pressure ambulances to Guangzhou Emergency Medical Center.


Jointly holding the 2024 Overseas Heart Ambulance Donation Handover Ceremony with Guangdong Province Overseas Heart Charity Foundation.