SINCE 1999

Guangtong Vehicle Manufacture Co., Ltd. founded in 1999 in Shaoguan.


The factory of Guangtong Vehicle Manufacture Co., Ltd. moved to Zhuhai in 2001.


Pass ISO9001:2000 and national 3C Certification.


Overseas Department Established,Expand overseas market in an all-round way.


Pass EU certified — Became the first independent brand bus enterprise to pass EU certified, and establish long-term partnership with Italian bus manufacture Tomassini.


Supply the first 300 LNG city buses of Zhanjiang public transportation company, become the first large-scale LNG city bus production enterprise in China, and the cooperative unit of the national 11th five years 863 energy conservation and emission reduction project. The LNG environmental protection buses produced by our company have been accepted by the National 863 project, and now have been supplied to Zhanjiang, Jiangmen, Zhongshan, Huizhou, Heyuan, Zhuhai and other cities in large quantities The bus was put into operation in 2008.


As the largest bus transport company in the world, the Hongkong Kowloon Motor Bus Company has assembled and produced double decker buses in Alexander, UK. After years of friendly cooperation, the double deck buses purchased are all assembled by our company.


Started to cooperate with the biggest bus assemble factory, Jit Luen Auto Body Works Co., Ltd. to produce luxury buses. Now it has more than 60% of the bus market in Hong Kong.


We began to work directly with Alexander UK to assemble double decker buses for First Bus, City Bus and other bus company in Hongkong. It marks that all double decker buses supplied by Alexander to Hong Kong, Singapore and New Zealand are assembled and provided by our company


Guangtong bus is the first enterprise in China to obtain EU 12 meters pure electric bus Certification.


Zhuhai Guangtong Logistics Development Co., Ltd. was officially established.


Zhuhai Pengyu Automobile Co., Ltd. was officially established.


Zhuhai Guangtong Aluminum Co., Ltd. was officially established.


Zhuhai Guangtong bus and ZTE reorganization.


Zhuhai Pengyu Automobile and Sun Health-Tech reorganization.


Guangtong Holdings plant has been completed, covering an area of 145,000㎡.


Hongkong Park Cheong and Pengyu Automobile set up Zhuhai Baixiang and settled in Zhuhai which mainly produced refrigerated truck, high-end medical box and other products.


Limgene Automobile entered our group to develop commercial vehicle business;